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January 16, 2020

Kenji’s Edge Walkthrough by Griever


Kenji’s Edge Walkthrough by Griever – Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/23/02

Kenji’s Journey

In Kenji’s journey you will assume the role of Kenji as he develop a village of Peasants into powerful Warriors who will all fight for you to the death. Follow his path to glory as he become a Hero or a Menace to society.

**Note: The Missions are done in the normal difficulty and no cheat is made in the Missions so that the tactics and strategies works on both cheat users and non-cheat user players.

**Note: The Story has no title or whatsoever so I just put the titles based on the story and mission description.

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January 16, 2020

Dragon Clan Walkthrough by DeEpBluE


Dragon Clan Walkthrough by DeEpBluE Version: 1.5 | Updated: 01/06/02

Mission 1: Starting units: Kenji

“I haven’t yet decided what I would do once I had returned, but circumstances has conspired to force a choice upon me. Should I protect these helpless villages by attacking the bandits, or should I help the bandits keep the peasants in their place? No doubt my actions here will dictate the future of the land.”

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December 19, 2019

BR – Kenji’s Journey Dragon Clan


Battle Realms’ gameplay is like many other real-time strategy games. There are several factions which all have various types of available structures and units to produce. Unlike other real-time strategy games though, the basic worker units (peasants), which are used for resource gathering and construction, also act as the base unit to be upgraded into military units. Thus, military buildings in Battle Realms are used for transforming and upgrading units rather than producing them directly.Another unusual trait is unit generation, where peasants are produced automatically at no cost. The rate at which new peasants are produced is inversely proportionate to the current population of the player’s army.

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November 30, 2019

Battle Realms Dialog

Shinja rules two provinces from an old serpentholm here, while his hired archers hunt down the eastern road, stealing what little remains, break shinja’s forces and he’ll lose his will to fight, we have no soldiers, but the villagers stand ready to serve, what shall we do?

Shinja has ruled this three provinces since his father’s dead, With his army horsement he control hilltop village
Otomo and his band set a camp here, He cowers deep in the forest, afraid to attack
Strike now, and let the people know the Serpent has returned!


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November 29, 2019

Battle Realms – Winter of the Wolf


Battle Realms – Winter of the Wolf (P.3): Thiên nhiên trỗi dậy
Khan • 13.11.2019

Để chống lại ma thuật hắc ám của Lotus, tộc Wolf cần tìm thêm sức mạnh từ các thế lực thiên nhiên. Nhưng họ cần phải nhanh chóng. Trước khi mọi chuyện trở nên quá trễ để có thể cứu vãn.

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November 29, 2019

Battle Realms Tips

Jim Norris: Hi, i wanna start posting some guides and tips for new and old players. Maybe i’ll make some video compilation soon.

For now, i’ll start with dragon clan units.

Tips 01: Did you know the Kabuki Warrior’s passive ability “Entertainer” allows nearby peasants to move faster.


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October 16, 2019

Battle Realms Kenji’s Journey

Battle Realms Kenji’s Journey


DAVE LEE: There are actually some drawing of these that I havent got time to finish…
I drew these all 10 probably 11 years ago and im terribly sorry that my drawing is not perfect.
coz maybe some of them are a little bit stylized.
but this is my tribute to my favourite and most played PC game of all time!!

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October 16, 2019

Battle Realms – Every warrior has a name

Once upon a time there was a proud empire with many great clans. The Serpent Clan ruled this empire while the other clans like the Lotus and Crane maneuvered for greater control of the empire. It is said, that in those times a great darkness grew from the shadows and formed sinister creatures of pure night. Like droplets of rain they dotted the land and overwhelmed the one clan after another. Tarrant, the leader of the Serpent clan, was the first to accept the fate of the empire. He fled to the south with the remnants of the Serpent Clan and it’s prized possession, the Dragon Orb.


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October 3, 2019

Battle Realms Campaign


Battle Realms:

There are two distinct storylines that take place in over 36 scenarios. Each sides core campaign has 14 scenarios, but gameplay choices will effect the path of the game.

During your campaign you can have up to six different Zen Masters to help you. Provided you keep them alive, they will carry over from mission to mission. Once the Keep becomes available to you, you will no longer have to worry about keeping them alive.

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September 24, 2019

Battle Realms – Winter of the Wolf


Battle Realms – Winter of the Wolf (P.1): Khởi đầu hành trình giải phóng dân tộc của Grayback

Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf là bản DLC ra mắt năm 2003 của Battle Realms. Bản DLC này đã có sự nâng cấp nhất định về mặt tạo hình, thêm vài công trình cũng như đơn vị quân mới, chỉnh sửa hoàn thiện các lỗi bug và nhiều lỗ hổng đã từng gây mất cân bằng game. Điều đáng nói nhất ở phần DLC này, đó là bên cạnh phần Campaign ban đầu Kenj’s Journey chúng ta còn có thêm một phần hoàn toàn chơi mới: Grayback’s Journey – Hành trình của Grayback.

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